Catherine Pierce (RA)

Catherine Pierce (RA)

SnapshotCatherine Pierce is A House-SOLD Name!

Have you ever tried to buy or sell a home and all you ever get when trying to contact an agent is their voicemail? Or had an agent who thought that text messaging was something only teenagers do? Or had an agent drag you around to houses with no yards when you explained up front a fenced yard was a must have?

Well, so have I. Which is why I wanted to become a Realtor and bring the service that I’ve always wanted, but never gotten, to my clients. I will be responsive, listen to what you want and need and work hard to make it happen. And as a third generation Realtor, I have the experience and know how to make your transaction a smooth and pleasant one.

At Elite Pacific Properties we pride ourselves on our service to our clients. We not only help our clients buy and sell their homes, but we have a dedicated property management team as well. I pride myself on my service and availability to my clients. I look forward to assisting you in your Real Estate endeavor and showing you why Catherine Pierce is A House-SOLD Name!

Warmest Aloha,
Catherine Pierce

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